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Few things in business are more damaging than bad debt. However, recovering bad debt can be a drain on your time and resources.

We understand this and offer a comprehensive debt recovery service.

Why not talk to us about your unpaid invoices? There’s no obligation for you to engage us. In any case, we will always give you practical and commercial advice on how to reduce the risk of bad debt before it occurs.

If you instruct us, your debt becomes our problem. Our aim is to recover your debts as quickly as possible with minimum disruption to you or your business. More importantly, we aim to do so on a commercial and cost effective basis. Why waste money chasing after bad money?

Our experience allows us to chase your debts either through the Courts, or where it is appropriate, through insolvency processes. We will always advise you on the best options.

You do not want any uncertainty with the costs of recovering those debts, so we can provide a fixed fee debt recovery solution. Depending on the volume of debts to be recovered and how quickly you would like us involved, we are more than happy to tailor our fixed fee structure to your needs.

To mitigate the risk of legal proceedings, we are also able to offer a cost effective insurance backed debt recovery scheme which will cover the risks of having to pay your opponent’s legal fees and/or your out of pocket expenses in the unlikely event that you lose your claim.

We can help you with:

  • Advice on the best methods to recover your bad debt
  • Recovering unpaid invoices
  • Structuring your credit control procedures to reduce bad debt
  • Dealing with insolvency office holders to recover unpaid invoices

Pricing & Service Information

Your debt recovery team are...

Kitsons Solicitors - James Cross

James CrossConsultant Solicitor

James is a Consultant Solicitor in our Litigation team

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