Dispute Resolution, Mediation & Litigation

Kitsons Solicitors - Dispute resolution, mediation and litigation

Disputes are a reality of business life.

Whether it’s enforcing your rights, collecting money, resolving internal conflict, or defending claims, we can help.

We know that disputes can be expensive and time consuming to your business. We will therefore be able to advise you on early settlements and mediations and other dispute resolution options.

When you become involved in litigation you want to be represented by experienced professionals who not only understand the legal issues but also the commercial realities of the world in which we operate.  That’s what we do.

At Kitsons we have a team of specialists with years of experience in helping and assisting your business if it becomes involved in a dispute.

We can help you with:

  • Debt collection and enforcement
  • Contractual disputes
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Negligence claims
  • Property disputes
  • Sale of goods issues
  • Financial disputes
  • Planning issues
  • Insurance disputes

Your dispute resolution, mediation & litigation team are...

Kitsons Solicitors - Hayley Prideaux

Hayley PrideauxSolicitor

Hayley is a solicitor in our Litagation team.

Kitsons Solicitors - James Cross

James CrossPartner and Chairman

James is a Partner, Chairman of Kitsons and Head of our Litigation team

Kitsons Solicitors - David Turner

David TurnerPartner

David is a Partner in our Dispute & Litigation team

Kitsons Solicitors - Lauren Baber

Lauren BaberSolicitor

Lauren is a Solicitor in the Dispute Resolution/ Litigation team

Kitsons Solicitors - Rhoda Honey

Rhoda HoneySolicitor

Rhoda is a Solicitor in our Property Litigation team

Kitsons Solicitors - Katy Sandel

Katy SandelAssociate

Katy is an Associate Solicitor in our Dispute Resolution & Litigation team

Kitsons Solicitors - Ang Beresford

Angie BeresfordLegal Support Assistant

Angie is Lead Secretary and a Legal Support Assistant in our Litigation team

Kitsons Solicitors - Emma Hammond

Emma HammondLegal Secretary

Emma is a Legal Secretary in our Inheritance & Trusts Disputes team

Kitsons Solicitors - Danielle Luke

Danielle LukeLegal Secretary

Danielle is a Legal Secretary in our Litigation and Employment teams

Kitsons Solicitors - Jade Sleeman

Jade SleemanTrainee Chartered Legal Executive

Jade is a Trainee Chartered Legal Executive in our Litigation and Employment teams

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Expansion of Online Court Pilot

By: Dispute Resolution, Mediation & Litigation

In April 2018, and following a successful pilot, the Ministry of Justice rolled out its ‘online court pilot’ to the public.

The ‘new’ online Court was tendered a replacement of Money Claim Online and was aimed at providing a more user friendly, intuitive online platform for dispute resolution, for individuals and...

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Who is the Landlord?

By: Dispute Resolution, Mediation & Litigation Barrow and another v Kazim and others

This case is a useful reminder that the person serving a Section 21 Housing Act 1988 notice must be the ‘Landlord’ at the date the notice is given.

The Legislation

Section 21 sets out the procedure for a landlord to end an assured shorthold...

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