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Kitsons Solicitors - Licensing legal services

We work with you to understand what you want to achieve and provide practical, cost-effective solutions.

We will always tell you our fees in advance. Our typical charges (excluding VAT and disbursements) are:

Licensing and Applications Typical Charges (plus VAT)
Reviewing Current Licence and Advising £500
New Licence Application From £1700
Variation Application From £1700
Minor Variation Application From £800
Application to Transfer Premises Licence £400
Variation of Licence to Specify New DPS From £425 to £525
Personal Licence Application £450
Application for TEN (Temporary Event Licence) £250
Interim Authority £250
Application to Notify Freeholder of Licensing Matters £125
Application to amend Personal Licence Details £125
Application for Pavement Licence/Variation of Pavement Licence £250
Review Hearing (Preliminary Assesment and Advice) £550 (set off against final account if instructed to appear at Review Hearing)


Fees Cost
Premises Licence
New Licence/Variation
£100 – £1905 (based on rateable value)
Minor Variation £89
Application to Transfer Licence £23
Application to Appoint new DPS £23
Temporary Event Notice £21
Personal Licence Application £37
Interim Authority Application £23
Right of freeholder to be notified £21
Fees for advertising in local press £250 – £400 plus VAT (approx)



  • NB If the matter is not listed on this page, and requires additional work, then we will give you an indication of our anticipated charges and any payments due to third parties shortly after your instructions.We may agree a fixed fee with you specific to the individual matter or may charge based on the time recorded.  If we are charging on the basis of time recorded we will update you at appropriate intervals as to the amount of time recorded.  We will then discuss and agree with you the fees to be invoiced.  This will not apply where our fees are being paid by a third party.

For further guidance on these fees visit the Government Website.


Your licensing team are...

Kitsons Solicitors - James Cross

James CrossConsultant Solicitor

James is a Consultant Solicitor in our Litigation team

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Christian is a Partner in our Commercial Team

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Rhoda HoneySolicitor

Rhoda is a Solicitor in our Property Litigation team