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Debt recovery up to the value of £100,000;

  • We charge £750 + VAT on average for this work if it remains uncontested.
  • We charge £ 3,500 – £12,000 + VAT on average if the matter is contested.
  • We can also act on a conditional fee basis and charge 10 to 30 % of the claim if it settles before any court proceedings are necessary.
  • We can also arrange an insurance policy to recover costs and disbursements in certain legal proceedings to provide cover for costs awarded against you and your disbursements. We can provide further details on request.
  • This estimate is just an average price based on recent instructions; the actual cost to you will depend on a number of factors which we will discuss with you if you decide to instruct us.
  • The charge is based on our average hourly charging-rate of £165 per hour, which will vary.
  • We may use conditional fee or damages-based agreements, in which case you will be responsible for paying us 10-30% in addition to our fees as set out above.
  • There may be other costs on top. These are fees and charges we will need to pay on you behalf as part of the process, such as Court fees, counsel’s fees, enforcement process fees.
  • They will depend on the level and complexity of your claim but on average are likely to be £2,085 in total, + VAT where relevant.
  • In normal cases the expectation will be that the debtor will pay the majority of these costs. However, this may not be possible and if not, you will remain liable for our costs and charges. VAT in particular is not recoverable.
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We understand the commercial imperative involved in dealing with unpaid debts.

The work we will carry out will involve:

  • Ascertaining the position re: the debt
  • Taking instructions and reviewing documentation
  • Liaison with your debtor and others in an effort to resolve matters
  • Advising you on the most effective legal process, if one is required
  • If necessary, filing documentation at Court
  • Applying for judgment in default
  • Requesting funds from the defendant
  • Representation at any hearing
  • Consequent attendance to ensure the debt is duly paid including advice on any enforcement action

How long matters take will depend on a number of factors but in simple cases, the matter should be concluded within 3–4 weeks. If enforcement action is required this will lengthen the process.

Obviously, our fees do not include any external costs and charges that may be incurred as part of the process (e.g. damages, fines, penalties or other liabilities). You will incur further costs if the sum is not paid, and enforcement action is required. You will also be responsible for these items.


We also undertake:

  • Debt recovery of higher sums
  • Debt recovery on behalf of individuals
  • Invoicing & Credit control advice.

Your debt recovery team are...

Kitsons Solicitors - James Cross

James CrossConsultant Solicitor

James is a Consultant Solicitor in our Litigation team

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