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Alternatives to Redundancy & Debt Recovery Advice


How to reduce debt in business and alternatives to redundancy

Have you found the current climate a little more challenging than a few months ago?  Well, don’t feel alone. So many businesses are experiencing similar circumstances, but we have been able to help them with some good advice.  Some of this advice...

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An Unusual Choice of Companion


A recent article in the news which related to an employment issue in New Zealand Man brings clown to redundancy meeting – ...

Rosie EvansSolicitor

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Could a four day working week be the future?


A recent report commissioned by the Labour Party has suggested that a four day working week is unrealistic, despite the report also ...

Rosie EvansSolicitor

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Kitsons Solicitors - How do Employers Reduce their Risk of a Tribunal Claim?

How to Complain About a UK Company: Taking Disputes to the Financial Ombudsman


Taking disputes to the Financial Ombudsman. If you are having an unresolved dispute with a UK business regarding a complaint that you ...

Lauren BaberSolicitor

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Online reviews

Defamation through Online Reviews in the UK


‘There is no such thing as public opinion.  There is only published opinion.’ – Winston Churchill But when it comes to online ...

Katy SandelAssociate

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Kitsons Solicitors - Landlord and tenant

Fitness for Human Habitation: Is Your Rented Property Acceptable?


Is your rented property fit for human habitation? It is estimated that 2.5-3 million people, including children, live in unsafe conditions (Shelter ...

Hayley PrideauxSolicitor

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Kitsons Solicitors - Inheritance Act Claims

The Inheritance Act Claims Procedure – Delay and permission to claim


The Inheritance Act Claims Procedure – Delay and permission to claim developments. There have been 3 cases so far this year dealing ...

Avril SimisterTrainee Chartered Legal Executive

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Working in hot weather

Legal Workplace Temperatures in the UK


With heatwaves in the summer months in the UK becoming more common place, what should businesses be doing to ensure their employees ...

Rosie EvansSolicitor

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Non Disclose agreements

Non-Disclosure Agreements: UK Law and Debates


Non-Disclosure Agreements – or NDAs – have been in the news lately.  But why?  What are NDAs and why are they considered ...

David TurnerPartner

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Audio recording

Audio Recording in the Workplace


Audio Recording in the Workplace: UK Law – Kitsons The recent decision in Phoenix House Limited v Stockman demonstrates the considerations of ...

Rosie EvansSolicitor

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The re-use of a Company Name: Section 216 – Kitsons


Can a Liquidated Company Name be Reused? Re-using a company name or a “prohibited name” is an issue that arises when a ...

Andrew PayPartner and Head of Insolvency

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