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Christmas and Your Company Policies


With Christmas fast approaching, Employers will be anxiously anticipating the inevitable fall out from the festivities.

Now is the time to assess your company policies and make sure they are watertight and those responsible for administering them are familiar with the details.

There are many issues that can arise during the Christmas...

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Benefits for Length of Service


Following a mass exodus of long standing members of staff with valuable experience, you want to come up with a way to ...

Rosie EvansSolicitor

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workplace relationships policy

The Importance of a Workplace Relationships Policy


“McDonalds boss fired after dating employee” makes for a fairly shocking headline.  But read a little behind the scenes and you may ...

Jayme NicholsonPartner and Head of Employment

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Do you need to pay the Data Protection Fee to the ICO?


We are increasingly being asked “Do you need to pay the Data Protection Fee to the ICO”? by Clients following the introduction ...

Rory WakelingAssociate

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Rented property

Electrical Safety Requirements for Private Landlords


New legislation has been introduced to impose further restrictions on private landlords of residential premises. Do you know the electrical safety requirements ...

Alice DarchSolicitor

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how to file a claim against a bank financial mis selling

Financial Mis-Selling: How to File a Claim Against a Bank


We outline how to file a claim against a bank for mis-selling There are a vast number of individuals and businesses that ...

Lauren BaberSolicitor

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Kitsons Solicitors - Are We Doing Ourselves Any Favours With Our Use Of Mobile Technology?

Does an After Hours Email Policy Work?


As an employer you are always trying to find ways to improve your employees’ productivity. Their well-being is paramount in achieving this. ...

Rosie EvansSolicitor

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The Importance of Having an Adverse Weather Policy in Place – Kitsons


Why is the weather forecast always wrong…the importance of a Adverse weather policy 7.30am, you check your weather app to see if ...

Rosie EvansSolicitor

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Celebrating 100 Years of Women in Law


2019 marks the 100th anniversary of the Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act 1919, which made it possible for women to qualify as barristers ...

Louise MasonHR Manager

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Divorce and Family LAW

No Fault Divorce Law in the UK – Kitsons


UK legislation to allow no-fault divorce for the first time, putting an end to the ‘blame game’ in divorce. You and your ...

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Kitsons Solicitors - Dispute Resolution

Alternatives to Redundancy & Debt Recovery Advice


How to reduce debt in business and alternatives to redundancy Have you found the current climate a little more challenging than a few ...

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