Vegas Or Bust – Day Four

Kitsons Plymouth Partner Matthew Bryant and team ‘4 Morris’ in a Merc’, on Day Four (One more day to go!) as they head towards Las Vegas, Spain, in aid of St Lukes Hospice Plymouth, for the Banger Rally Challenge.

Day Four (via Matthew Bryant):

Location: Somewhere in the mountains of Spain

Distance Travelled:  Unsure

Distance To Go: Unsure

"We are currently 1200m above sea level and it's 10pm, having left the campsite at 10am we were looking forward to a relatively easy day. By 10.15am a small bird hit the car, of which we gave a dignified send off in true Morris style.

Headed to Zaragoza en route to Valencia. Approaching Zaragoza a loud crack sounded somewhere at the front of the car. Still seemed okay. Got into town and parked up and then completed some challenges.

Headed for Valencia and after a couple of miles a loud clunk, lots of squeaking and a droning sound appeared. Wheel bearing we think. Not good so we pulled over. We spent two hours on roadside calling breakdown recovery and waiting and had a visit from the Guardia Civil.

Merc ended up on the back of the truck, which we followed in a taxi behind and awaited at a recovery yard for another hour, until getting another taxi to a car hire firm.

At 6pm we started the final leg to Valencia 150 miles away and very nearly ran out of fuel! We then got caught in a lightning storm in the mountains and hit a road block, where we had to turn around. 

We're currently still driving through the mountains at 11.15pm. What next I wonder?

Quite a day all in all."

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