Vegas or Bust – Day Five

Kitsons Plymouth Partner Matthew Bryant and team ‘4 Morris’ in a Merc’, on Day Five, brush away yesterday's vehicle drama's and hit their last stretch to Las Vegas, Spain, in aid of St Lukes Hospice Plymouth, for the Banger Rally Challenge.

Day Five (Via Matthew Bryant): 

Location: 100 miles outside of Las Vegas, Spain

Distance Travelled:  approx 1600 miles

Distance To Go: approx 100 miles

“Approximately just 100 miles north of Las Vegas, our final destination! Finally arrived at the campsite a few miles north of Valencia at 11.30pm last night – exhausted and hungry.

We found ourselves locked out of the campsite with reception locked and no one in sight and then followed the noise to the restaurant where dinner had finished and the party was in full swing.

The Vegas or Bust organising team looked after us brilliantly. Within 5 minutes of arriving our Team Mentor, Ash, presented us with Paella and half a bottle of wine (by which time we were well in to our first much needed beer!).

Other rallies offered us spare beds in their chalets and everyone was anxious to learn of our woes. We proceeded to swap tales and enjoy the camaraderie well in to the night. Meanwhile Morris Meadows had produced a chalet key as if by magic. We didn’t enquire how he managed this minor miracle!

We retired to bed at 3am, getting only 5 hours sleep before we hit the road bleary eyed at 9am. Still in the hire car – it’s fine. No news on the Merc from the breakdown service, but safe to say we will not be finishing the rally in it.

We are currently enjoying the dramatic scenery near Alicante.

Vegas here we come!!"

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