The Launch of the New Business and Property Court of England & Wales

The Business and Property Courts of England & Wales will be launched on 02 October 2017. The new court will comprise the following:

  • Commercial Court
  • Technology and Construction Court
  • Courts of the Chancery Division
  • Insolvency and Companies Court
  • Admiralty Court
  • Business list
  • Financial list
  • Competition list
  • Intellectual Property List
  • Property Trust and Probate List; and
  • Revenue List.

In addition to London there will be 5 main regional centres comprising of Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds and Cardiff. Users will be asked to identify which centre they wish to issue proceedings in.   This will enhance the connection between London and the regions with the mantra that no case should be too big to be tried outside London.

It is envisaged that the changes will enable flexible cross-deployment of judges rather than having designated Chancery judges for the Chancery lists, as is currently the case.

The Lord Chancellor commented that “I believe that the changes that we are marking today will be a powerful further magnet for international civil litigation, and proof of the UK’s unwavering commitment to a modern justice system that is second to none. That’s a commitment that I wholeheartedly support.”

It is clear that the judiciary are keen to simplifying and modernise the court system.


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