New South Devon Highway Opens To Traffic

Devon County Council and Torbay Council, along with Galliford Try, have announced that the South Devon Highway is now open to traffic.

The new 5.5km dual carriageway opened to traffic in the early hours of Tuesday morning (15/12/15) in a phased process.

After this phase, project staff, the traffic management team and members of Devon and Cornwall Police travelled at a slow speed along the route, removing cones and barriers. Public vehicles were able to follow immediately afterwards, using the much anticipated South Devon Highway.

The process began at midnight and carried on until the early hours of the morning. The thorough operation ensured that every element of the new road was operational and safe before motorists were allowed to drive freely on the road.

The following aerial video, produced by Matt Cranfield of Skyflicks, showcases the impressive development of the South Devon Highway, from past to present. If you look carefully you will spot Kitsons' Head Office in Edginswell Park, Torquay towards the end:

James Cross, Managing Partner at Kitsons said: "Having campaigned for the South Devon Highway its opening is a dream come true. My colleagues and I at Kitsons are convinced that the new road will not only improve access to South Devon and Torbay, but it will also bring lasting economic benefits for the whole area. We have noticed an increase in business confidence since the road was announced and with its completion, that confidence is sure to grow. Great for the Bay and the businesses here. "

Construction began on the 5.5km dual carriageway in autumn 2012, after being granted full approval by government in May of the same year.