Miles for Mark – Second Training Walk: Sourton

The Miles for Mark team took to the hills once again last Sunday, this time meeting at Sourton – all to get some much needed miles in our legs. 14 miles to be exact…

The heat of the sun mixed itself with the crisp wind, giving us perfect walking conditions and after borrrowing eachothers hats and gloves, we set off!

Plenty of hills stood in our way, but we kept our spirits high and ploughed through bogs and unsteady ground, which made for an exciting and very muddy journey.

Only stopping briefly to see where we were going and for a spot of lunch, we cracked on at a good pace. As the hours trickled by the incredible scenery began to shift from silence, to murmurs of distant noise. We were getting close! 6 and a half hours later since we set off, we reached the car park. Sweatier, hungrier and achier than when we started.

Of course these punishing walks are just a small part of the bigger picture we are trying to achieve. On July the 11th we will be giving our best on the Yorkshire 3 Peaks in aid of Diabetes UK.

If you'd like to donate then please visit: http://tinyurl.com/p8y5dao

Some photographs are below, for the full album please visit our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/KitsonsLLP?ref=hl