Kitsons Sponsor DCF Volunteer of the Year Awards 2014

Kitsons Managing Partner James Cross attended Devon Community Foundations' Volunteer of the Year Awards 2014 last Thursday, to present the firm's sponsored award – Creating Opportunities for Children & Young People.

The winner of the award was Daniel Fawke from New 4 You Youth Group!

A Little Bit About New4You:

New4You is a Plymouth city centre youth group that runs on Friday nights throughout the year, supporting young people from 11 to 15+ to have fun and develop life skills in a safe environment.

At just 20 years old Dan has already been working with the club for over two years and is now a youth leader within the group. Everyone involved with group is impressed by Dan’s abilities recently the local PSCO said that he showed amazing confidence as a leader, and it is this along with his commitment to the club that makes such a difference to the young people.

Dan’s hard work in organising activities helps to grow the young people’s skills and confidence as one person said: “I felt that if I could do anything!”

Veronica from the club says, “What is outstanding about Dan is that he is a thinker, he produces solutions to problems before you even need to ask. He makes things happen and helps to make the group great for the youth.  We love him!”

Daniel now receives £250 to spend on developing New4You Youth Club. http://www.pmchyouth.co.uk/new4you/