Client’s Day at the Virtual Jet Centre

Kitsons had the great pleasure to thank two of our clients, Begbies Traynor and Armada Asset Finance Ltd with the opportunity to fly a Boeing 737-800 Simulator at the Virtual Jet Centre, Chudleigh. Andrew Pay and David Turner hosted Ian Walker, Jonathan Trembath and Agne Sinkeviciute of Begbies Traynor and Sarah Ainley of Armada Asset Finance. If you’ve not been able to experience this facility, it’s well worth a visit. 

The morning started early. A little too early for the VJC Staff who had been expecting us a little later. But 6 keen, uninitiated airline pilots were not going to shorten their day by turning up on time! No, the earlier we arrived the sooner we could start. Met by the supremely able Caroline of the VJC, we were all plied with coffee and pastries, and more coffee and pastries.

A short introduction, not only to the VJC but the world of aviation, was conducted in VJC’s cabin simulator. The group was split into 2 teams, with one group flying desk top simulators with competitive flights. This is not as easy as it looks. Flying out of London City to London Heathrow is but a short hop. If London Heathrow could be found. It was, eventually, and the budding pilots executed their landings with varying degrees of success: on the runway was a bonus; on the taxi-ways was an option; on the grass areas beside the runway was a good effort, but into Terminal 2? We also flew from Sydney Airport, around the city, over and under the Harbour Bridge, to (nearly into) Ian Walker’s favourite restaurant and then back to the airport. With growing confidence and skills, having executed stalls, loops and barrel rolls, we felt ready for the real thing. The “Big Beast” as Captain Any Wilkins refers to his full motion simulator.

We had two options. A commercial pilot’s daily job of a flight to and from London Heathrow, or the fun option. Bristol to the Severn Bridges, under both (with varying degrees of success) over Filton Airport to find Concorde and back to Bristol. Whatever option was chosen, the experience of flying a B737 with the calm, cool instruction of Captain Wilkins was second to none. The flight was so realistic, with brilliant audio and visuals, you wouldn’t have known you never left the ground.

We wanted to thank two great clients with something different. The VJC provided this in buckets. This is a unique experience and one well worth pursuing if  you have the opportunity. Our huge thanks to Captain Andy Wilkins, Pilot Instructors Colin Dayman and David Bryant and the indomitable Caroline Clay who organised the event for us. You gave us a brilliant, enjoyable and informative morning. 

Caroline Clay of Virtual Jet Centre: "We had a great time welcoming Kitsons and their guests to Virtual Jet Centre. The corporate world depends on good communication and relationships and where better to learn more about yourself and your colleagues than in the cockpit of a Boeing 737 at the controls of a high tech, highly realistic modern jet. Of course, no-one leaves the ground – but the excitement and adrenalin are real!

The aviation industry leads the way in terms of training and leadership development. Dealing with challenge and decisions in real time is all part of our corporate experience which is what makes our team development events so memorable."

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