The Importance of Having an Adverse Weather Policy in Place

Why is the weather forecast always wrong… the importance of an adverse weather policy.

7.30am, you check your weather app to see if there is any disruption to rail services, no problems to note.

10.30am, sat at your desk looking out of the window whilst you consider the list of things you need to turn around in the next day, you notice a few specks of white against the grey background of the sky.

This wasn’t forecast!

You check your weather app to make sure. Did you miss this? How could you have missed this? Amber weather warning for snow.

Ok, what do you do? You have a list of jobs to do and you know that there are a number of your agents out on the road in various parts of Devon – many in rural parts.

You consider your options and decide:

Mark who is doing viewings in Exeter will be ok, he lives in Exeter so he can just go home after his viewing.

Alice in Bideford will need to go back to her home in Taunton as soon as possible.

The guys here in the office who live nearby can work the rest of the day and walk home. The ones who live further afield or need to get the train should go if the weather deteriorates.

You need to go because if the trains get cancelled you will be stuck here!

You will pay them for today but not any subsequent days – unless we have to close the office.

Is this fair?

Predicting what you will do in such a situation is difficult and due to the unpredictability of the weather it is hard to always adhere to a stringent set of rules. However, having no set policy on this at all can lead to confusion and employees feeling disgruntled by perceived unfairness.

For example:

–          Have you considered how those who work part time or those on holiday will feel about not having a paid “snow day”?

–          What do you do if the weather in the area in which you work is fine but the schools have closed and a number of your employees need to take time off to look after their children?

These are all things that can be set out clearly in an Adverse Weather Policy. Of course, some discretion can still be applied, but it provides Line Managers with a framework in order to enable them take a consistent and fair approach in this situation. It would be great to hear from you with your stories of weather related absences. You can contact the team here.

Kitsons Solicitors - Rosie Evans

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