Reform of Court Structure

Alongside the intended wholesale overhaul of the Justice system recently announced by Michael Gove, the Ministry of Justice is also pressing ahead with existing plans to reform the Courts and Tribunals.

The programme of reform was announced by the Ministry of Justice in March 2014, and is expected to yield savings of £100 million per year by 2019.  The reform was intended to focus on the following areas:

  1. Modernisation of technology and IT systems to enable electronic case management;
  2. Introduction of an online self-service system for Court users;
  3. Video links, wifi and digital presentation of documents in Court;
  4. Modernisation of Court buildings and facilities; and
  5. Upgraded facilities for victims, witnesses and advocates.

In conjunction with these reforms, Lord Justice Briggs will examine the overall structure of civil justice, as well as the interaction of the Civil courts with the Family Court and the various Tribunals.  The focus is on providing a “modern, efficient and accessible civil dispute resolution service for all.”

An interim report is expected before the end of the year.

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