Employees in Quarantine – What Can We Do?

There has been a significant change to travel advice over the weekend.

The Department for Transport (DfT) announced that anyone arriving in the UK from any part of Spain now has to quarantine for 14 days.  Individuals arriving back to the UK must go straight home and their 14 day isolation period starts the day after their arrival day.  During that time, the DfT advise that individuals cannot leave home except in very limited circumstances.  Leaving home for work, socialising or even exercise is not permitted.

If you have an employee who is currently in Spain then you should consider what your approach will be as and when they return, if Spain remains on the restrictions list or other countries are added to the list.  If the employee is able to work from home, you may allow them to do so during their quarantine.  If however they are not able to perform their duties at home, then you will need to consider what their pay will be during this period.  There is no automatic entitlement to SSP in these circumstances, however employers may have a policy in place to cover such circumstances. Employers may wish to consider requiring their employees to take holiday or unpaid leave during this period.

Even if you are not currently affected by these restrictions, it is important for employers to consider in advance what their policy would be in such circumstances and communicate that to staff.

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