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Disputed Wills & Probate

The modern family can take many forms. Those who expect to benefit under the will of a relative  or partner can find themselves with less than expected or left out altogether, often with no explanation.

Inheritance, whether from an estate or a trust, can go some way towards providing financial security.

Following the death of a loved one, whether you are seeking to challenge or uphold the terms of their will, it can be a stressful time for all concerned.

Likewise, whether you are a trustee or beneficiary of a trust, you will want to make sure that the trust is being properly administered.

Disputes relating to inheritance and trusts are complex. Kitsons' Contentious Probate Team has the experience and specialist knowledge to represent you from the first steps through to trial. Wherever possible, we aim to reduce the need for protracted and costly litigation by seeking an effective resolution of disputes at the earliest possible stage.

We benefit from the insight that we gain through acting for both claimants and defendants and cover the full range of disputes in this area including:-

  • The Validity of Wills
    Lack of mental capacity, knowledge and approval, undue influence, fraud and forgery
  • Claims Against Estates
    The Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975, Proprietary Estoppel, Constructive Trust, Mutual Will Claims
  • Trust Disputes
    Breach of Trust, Sham Trusts, Removal of Trustees, Construction and Rectification Claims
  • Professional Negligence
    Claims against professional advisers in relation to wills, trusts, estate planning and administration
  • Lifetime Transactions
    Misuse of funds, attorney and deputy disputes, applications to the Court of Protection

Please contact John Clarke on 01803 202020 or by email at for further information. John is a Contentious Trust and Probate specialist. He deals with challenges to the validity of wills, claims for financial provision from deceased persons’ estates and disputes between executors (the persons appointed under a will to administer an estate) and beneficiaries.