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General Election - What is Purdah? Will it Affect You?

Posted by on April 28th 2017 in Blog Posts

General Election - What is Purdah? Will it Affect You?

Theresa May’s announcement last week to call a general election was of significant surprise to many given the previous assurances and declarations made by the Prime Minister. Whilst a significant back-peddle from her previously entrenched position where she has maintained that an election would not occur before 2020, the question now arises as to what effect such an announcement will have.

During any election, the pre-election period known as ‘purdah’ comes into force. This is a period in which specific restrictions are placed on the decision making powers of public bodies and government departments in order to prevent these bodies and...

Seven Bedford Row to go Paper-Less: Is this the End of Paper-Cuts and Filing Cabinets?

Posted by on April 19th 2017 in Blog Posts

‘We’re Going Paperless’ is a phrase that can be heard reverberating around the conference rooms and corridors of businesses up and down the country, and none more so than in the legal industry. With the introduction of a new online court system on the horizon, and the opportunity to provide a quicker, more cost effective service for clients, more and more firms are making the effort to go “paper-less”.

To remain competitive, Barrister Chambers are now feeling the pressure to adapt their own practices to embrace the changes seen in the way others are operating around them. It is therefore not...

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