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Practitioners Insights: To Consult or Not to Consult, and How Do We Do it Well?

Posted by on September 18th 2018 in Blog Posts, Employment

Practitioners Insights: To Consult or Not to Consult, and How Do We Do it Well?

We spend much of our time explaining to employers that they need to consult with their teams over a number of issues. ACAS gives some clarity regarding the overview of what it means, but once you have read their excellent advice, what you really want to know is how to do it.

We can all agree that “Employee communications and consultation are essentially about involving and developing people in an organisation. Employees will be able to perform at their best if they know their duties, obligations and rights and have an opportunity to make their views known to management on issues...

Menopause and Work - Disability, Wellbeing or Just Caring?

Posted by on September 1st 2018 in Blog Posts, Employment

Menopause and Work - Disability, Wellbeing or Just Caring?

A case in Scotland (Ms Mandy Davies v Scottish Courts & Tribunals Service) held that menopause could be considered a disability under s.15 of the Equality Act; whereby a person is treated unfavourably because of something arising in consequence of the disabled person’s disability and the employer cannot show that the treatment is a proportionate means of reaching a legitimate aim.

In this particular case, the unfavourable treatment was dismissal. In brief, the claimant had some medication that she thought had been in the water jug she was drinking from and the water was then given to two men in the...

Why is Everyone Talking about Resilience?

Posted by on June 14th 2018 in Employment

Why is Everyone Talking about Resilience?

Many businesses are now using the American military term VUCA to describe the commercial world and the expectations regarding change. Martha Lane Fox told the CIPD conference last year that the pace of change right now is at the slowest it will ever be again. The world is moving quickly.

V – Volatile

U – Uncertain

C – Complex

A – Ambiguous

If I had asked anyone 5 years ago if they expected the international political world to look as it is today, I don’t think many would have predicted it. Why is this of any interest to me as an HR Practitioner?

Firstly, am I...

You’re Having a Baby?!

Posted by on February 19th 2018 in Employment

You’re Having a Baby?!

I don’t know if it is the time of year, or whether, as the commentators seem to be suggesting, discrimination towards women has increased in recent times, but on Friday I read an article quoting research from a well known and reputable insurance company suggesting that 14% of small businesses won’t employ women as they are “frightened” of discrimination claims, and today the Equality and Human Rights Commission has published research around pregnancy and maternity that makes stark reading.

Today’s research from the EHRC quotes the following in its press release:

“British employers are ‘living in the dark ages’ and have worrying...

How do Employers Reduce their Risk of a Tribunal Claim?

Posted by on February 7th 2018 in Employment

How do Employers Reduce their Risk of a Tribunal Claim?

Steps to avoid a Tribunal… (reducing the risk, we cannot eliminate it!)

With the removal of Tribunal fees, the courts are reporting a three fold increase in Employment Tribunal claims coming through. These are set to increase. So how do employers reduce their risk of a Tribunal claim?

Employ People through effective processes

Have you reviewed your recruitment and selection practices. Do you know what the value set of the company is so that you can match that to the value set of the potential employee? Have you got effective questioning techniques? Do you use a comprehensive selection process or expect to get...

Resilience & Change Support for Schools

Posted by on January 29th 2018 in Kitsons News

In a world that is described as Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous do you believe your team is resilient enough to manage through anticipated changes?

We have been delivering a learning event for public sector workers recently in order to assist individuals and managers to understand the issues around both individual and organisational resilience in relation to change. We think this session could be useful to your team, and we would like to come and talk to you about it.

We believe this is learning that may be particularly pertinent for schools at a time when change is happening across education....

What is Strategic HR Support?

Posted by on January 26th 2018 in Blog Posts, Employment

What is Strategic HR Support?

I (Carolyn Giles) joined the employment team in 2014 as an HR consultant. Since that time, when I was delivering a very wide range of employment services including day to day advice, training, consultations etc, my role in the team has been refined. 

Strategic Human Resources sits within the HR profession, governed and guided through the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development. I am a Fellow of the institute.

Many refer to HR as the 'dark art', it is certainly more art than science, so hopefully this will tell you a little about what I do in a practical sense. 


What is Acceptable Behaviour?

Posted by on January 19th 2018 in Blog Posts, Employment

What is Acceptable Behaviour?

In the light of recent media reports including the entertainment industry and parliament, many employers and their teams are asking the question about what acceptable behaviour is, and how to manage inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.

Every workplace has a culture and one size will never fit all. The most helpful way of tackling the subject and subsequently the behaviours is to involve those working in the organisation. If there is a staff communication or consultative body, or union representation this will be relatively easy. Staff surveys are another way of identifying where problems may arise. Ideally all those in the...

What Happens When Organisations Ignore Culture?

Posted by on January 3rd 2018 in Blog Posts, Employment

What Happens When Organisations Ignore Culture?

What Happens When Organisations Ignore Culture?

We’ve all heard phrases such as “culture eats strategy for breakfast” and “culture is what happens when you aren’t there”.

Many organisations forget to take the time to identify their culture, or to agree what their culture should look like and feel like for the organisation to be successful. This means a culture grows by accident, and may or may not lead to success. This article helps you to think about what the organisation should focus on to establish a successful culture.

Culture should start at the top, but without time and effort, it grows from the...

Are We Doing Ourselves Any Favours With Our Use Of Mobile Technology?

Posted by on December 1st 2017 in Blog Posts, Employment

Are We Doing Ourselves Any Favours With Our Use Of Mobile Technology?

In a recent article following a research report in the Journal of Management Reviews questions were asked about the use of mobile technology preventing psychological detachment from work. This article was co-written by Professor Ilke Inceoglu, from the University of Exeter Business School.

Psychological detachment from work during leisure time refers to a state in which people mentally disconnect from work and do not think about job-related issues when they are away from their job. Empirical research has shown that employees who experience more detachment from work during off-hours are more satisfied with their lives and experience fewer symptoms of psychological...

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