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Kitsons Employment Law Updates

Posted on September 15th 2018 by

The Kitsons Employment Law Update is designed to ensure you are up-to-date with the most significant and interesting developments in the world of Employment Law. Our Employment Team highlights relevant developments and cases of interest in a format that is easy to read on a regular basis.

September 2018

Our articles this month focus on recent case developments, the Parental Bereavement Act 2018 and the Conservative plans to bar employers from keeping staff tips.

July 2018

In July's edition we discuss wage claims, care sectors and the disciplinary process.

June 2018

In June's edition we discuss resillience, workers rights, training costs, overtime and protecting your business.

May 2018

This month we focus on dress codes, dismissal's, GDPR and we announce our new Corporate Services Team.

April 2018

This month we focus on apprenticeships, ACAS statistics, occupational pay and what you need to for the upcoming GDPR.

March 2018

We cannot  ignore the fact that GDPR is looming quickly, so we send out a call to all our clients to ensure you have started your data audists and are in the process of preparing plans.

February 2018

February was a short but very busy month. As a team we have delivered a number of seminars on employment law for GP practices, GDPR in education and investigations.


January 2018

We look at topics such as; discrimination, culture , equal pay in the workplace and more.

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December 2017

We look at topics such as; flexible working hours, mental health in the workplace and more.

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November 2017

In this month's newsletter, we look at topics covering equal rights, parental bereavement and more.

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