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Wealth management

Whether you've inherited your wealth or made it yourself, you want to look after it. You want to make sure it's invested wisely, your tax bills are minimised, and it's protected from extravagant children and divorce. And you'll also want to make plans for what will happen to it when you die. 

Your assets, personal circumstances and priorities may change over time, so the careful planning and regular review of your affairs is essential. 

We can help you manage your financial affairs to meet yours and your family's aspirations and concerns. Your needs and priorities are important to us and we will work with you to ensure your security, whatever life may throw at you. 

Our team is here to provide you with professional and personal support and advice. We are members of professional bodies such as STEP (the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners), the Probate section of the Law Society, and Solicitors for the Elderly, so you can be sure you will be receiving the highest level of knowledge and expertise. 

We have relationships with a number of accountants, independent financial advisers and private bankers, all of whom have proven track records in the provision of high quality, independent advice to a broad range of individuals. 

In short, we can provide a full service which covers the whole spectrum of wealth management. Our service is straightforward and personal - tailored to your needs.

We can help with:

  • The creation and management of trusts
  • Wills & estate planning
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Investment advice & management, insurance and other financial services (via external financial advisors)
  • Tax planning (via external accountants)

Lawyers with specialist expertise:

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