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Motoring offences

Motoring offences? Caught on camera?  Is your livelihood in peril?  At risk of losing your licence?

If you are involved in court proceedings for a road traffic offence, or think this may happen to you in the near future, we can help.

Contact Kitsons' motoring law team and we will give you a straight answer to your questions.

We provide cost effective and practical advice at a sensible price (starting from as little as £150 + vat). And we do not charge for a preliminary telephone call.

We can help with:

  • How to reply to a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP)
  • Police station interviews
  • Totting up cases
  • Putting forward Special Reasons
  • Proving “Exceptional Hardship”
  • Deciding how to plead – do you have a defence?
  • Representing you at court